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the Electric Love Festival

Even though it has only been going for three years, the Electric Love Festival at the Salzburgring in Austria has already become a real crowd pleaser. In 2014, more than 30,000 fans of electronic music made the journey to Austria to party with more than 100 DJs at the event. The conditions looked anything but promising at first: the construction of the main stage was hampered by bad weather and fans had to wait around for two hours or so before they were allowed in.

But that didn't spoil the success and great atmosphere of the event and so the organisers were more than rewarded for all their hard work in setting it all up. The set-up alone took more than 10,000 hours. Ten kilometres of fencing had to be erected, 20 kilometres of power cables were laid and 500 toilets set up. SANI made a huge contribution towards all of this as our team set up three extensive sanitary camps with showers, toilets and washing facilities, as well as a large number of water-flush toilets in indoor areas.

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