Halleluja, Hamburg!

SANI at Evangelical Church Day 2013

At the Evangelical Church Day in Hamburg, around 100,000 long-term participants had to be provided with sanitary infrastructure – and across the entire urban area. SANI is the perfect partner to overcome such challenges, which is why we were there in the northern German city in May 2013.

The logistical requirements were high, as we had to provide a total of 120 room and sanitary containers to 30 locations. Particular attention was paid to the two main event locations - the Strandkai quay and the city park. Other different event locations in the Speicherstadt district or city centre are professionally supplied by us.

Our work began ten days before the start of the event, when we started to put in the connections for drinking and service water as well as power. During the event itself, our service teams and a technician squad were on site to look after all of the systems. A further challenge was then presented by the close time frame we had for setup and disassembly on the individual sites. This meant that some preparatory work had to be done at night so as not to impede the rush hour traffic the next morning.

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