Off to the beach!

SANI at the Kitesurf World Cup in St. Peter Ording

The 10th Kitesurf World Club held in September 2015 at St. Peter Ording, on the North Sea coast of Germany, was a memorable anniversary event. A total of four Slalom Eliminations and 116 Freestyle Heats took place in perfect wind conditions. So the largest Kitesurf event in the world turned out to be a real top class show for the 200,000 or so spectators.

A rather less sporty, although just as ambitious, world record was set on dry land: the world's longest picnic was set up at a 155.9 m long table, earning the organisers and participants an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records!

So the event was a great success, much to the delight of its organisers. However, there were a few challenges for the organisers - and the SANI team - to overcome in the run-up to the event. Even so, our experienced logistics and event experts are not so easily fazed and we were able to install the entire sanitary infrastructure, as well as various room containers, on site before the Kitesurf World Cup began.

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