When the showers become part of the experience:

SANI at Tomorrowland 2015

No other festival embodies the current Zeitgeist in quite the same way as Tomorrowland. As well as a top-class line-up including some of the most popular DJs of the time, the atmosphere and unrivalled creativity at the electronic music festival are what the fans really love. More than 180,000 visitors flocked to Boom in Belgium for the 2015 festival and sister events have already been set up in Sao Paola and Atlanta.

It was therefore a particular honour for us to provide the sanitary facilities for this event, which took place from 24 to 26 June 2015. The organisers ID&T made a specific request for the sanitary facilities to ensure the same imaginative atmosphere as the rest of the festival. And so our team developed a completely new concept for innovative shower facilities, setting new standards in terms of special solutions catering specifically to customer requirements. The bright flowery showers, a cosy lounge area and stylish wooden flooring fitted in well with the "Alice in Wonderland" theme. Artist Michael Kiessling was responsible for the artistic and stylish look of our containers, which fitted in perfectly with the fairy-tale atmosphere of the festival.

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