SANI rides the perfect wave

Windsurf World Cup Sylt

Sylt is always well worth a visit – especially when it's the meeting place for some of the best wave riders in the world for the Windsurf World Cup in Westerland. In 2014 and 2015, the wind unfortunately didn't cooperate as much as had been hoped. However, the organisers still made sure there was plenty of action on the beach. During the tow-in session, in which the windsurfers are towed by jet ski, the professionals showed how they could put on some breathtaking tricks without being at the mercy of the weather. Another highlight at the Windsurf World Club 2015 was the Windsurf night session at the Brandenburger beach, which was lit up to create a wonderful atmosphere.

The beach atmosphere and entertainment are also an important part of the show in Westerland. This means that there are all kinds of stalls, pop-up stores and snack stands at the venue, ensuring plenty of variety and entertainment.

This special blend of sporting competition and supporting programme is one of the distinguishing features of the Windsurf World Cup and attracts around 200,000 fans to the North Sea island every year.

SANI is happy to be a part of it and supplies sanitary and room containers on the beach for flawless hygiene facilities.

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